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 Relationship & Marriage

Couples Hands
Couple in Nature

                                             Couples often reach out for relationship counseling when they believe                                              their relationship is beyond their own ability to repair. They are no longer                                       able to communicate effectively, they lack trust, and intimacy often no                                            longer exists. As humans, we are made for relationships. We all want to connect with others; to know others and be known authentically. When your relationship is struggling, it can be painful for all involved and often bleeds over into work, parenting, and other areas of life. We exist in relational systems and when one system is affected, others are as well.

As a couple, we establish patterns in our relationship.  These

patterns often play out over and over again resulting in the

same arguments. We tend to follow the same negative

communication cycle until we learn how to communicate

differently.  In couples therapy, we help you learn how to

identify and change the patterns that aren’t serving you well

and establish new ways of relating to each other.

                                                           Some issues we help to address are communication, money                                                                      and financial goals, sex and intimacy challenges, arguing,

                                                                 escalating anger, addictions, family systems patterns such

                                                                  as in-law difficulties and parenting struggles, differences                                                                        in religion, values, desire for children and many more.  We                                                                      use a variety of methods such as The Gottman Method

                                                                and Emotion Focused therapy ultimately tailoring our                                                                          approach to the individual clients’ need.

Couple holding hands
Loving Couple
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