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Premarital Counseling

One of the best decisions a couple can make is to invest in premarital counseling.  So much time is spent preparing for a wedding, but how much time is invested in ensuring you are prepared for the inevitable ups and downs that come with a marriage? 

Many couples fail to discuss:

1. How they handle money

2. Desire for children

3. And how to interact with extended family.


These are just a few things that can be addressed in premarital counseling to better prepare for the storms of life that will come. Couples sometimes think “when we are married” these things will resolve.  Often issues which are present in dating become magnified in marriage.  In Premarital work we use the Gottman Method in which identifies specific areas where couples differ and provides a framework to address challenges in a healthy manner. Why wait until you are in crisis to begin addressing challenges within your relationship?

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