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Amara McPherson, MFT


Student Intern

I have a passion for understanding and nurturing relationships. I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and I am on a mission to help individuals and families thrive in their interpersonal dynamics.

With a keen eye for human connections, I am deeply engaged in my internship here at Katy Child and Family Counseling Services. I am gaining invaluable hands-on experience, honing my skills in understanding the intricacies of family dynamics and providing guidance to those in need.

Outside the academic realm, I like to enjoy my backyard and painting. 

I am aspiring to merge my academic knowledge, professional experience, and passion for people to positively impact the lives of individuals and families, fostering understanding, healing, and happiness.

I am also a trained Trauma Resolution Therapist, that specializes in trauma and working with adolescents and their families.

Amara McPherson Student Intern
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